Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Starcon StarTrax®

The STARCON STARTRAX® Hydraulic Bundle Extractor is a unique machine that can perform several functions. The STARTRAX® series of extractors are made up of two main parts, an elevating Base with rough terrain tracks and an Aerial extractor. The combination of these creates the uniqueness that makes STARTRAX® the latest in leading edge technology in bundle extraction. The unit is designed to handle 20 tons and diameters to six feet. The multifunction extractor with pull or push bundles on it's elevating cylinders up to an elevation of 14 feet, the Aerial part of the extractor will quickly disconnect from the Base and reach any elevation, and the Base with the Aerial can transport 20 ton loads on any load bearing surface. The other unique feature of the STARTRAX® series of extractor is that it can expand its length from it compact 18 feet to 27 feet. This allows the extractor to maneuver in tight alleyways but expand to meet the length requirements of the bundle.

Features & Specifcations

• 20 ton bundle capacity (both extraction and

• 58,000 pound pulling force; 116,000 pounds
   with snatch blocks

• Pulling speed is 5.3 feet per minute

• The Aerial alone weighs 12,000 pounds

• Unit length only 18 feet long

• Length expands to handle 26 foot

• Width expands to handle 6 foot diameter

• Base unit pulls bundles to 14 foot elevation

• Converts to an aerial extractor in less than 5

• Works in areas with overhead clearance

• Pulling force developed by hydraulic

• Pulling speed developed by an integrated   
   ball screw drive Tracks allow STARTRAX®
   to travel on soft surfaces

• Programmable Controller safety lockouts

• Constant level monitoring within 2 degrees

• U.S. and Foreign Patents Pending

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