Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Plant Maintenance

Over the past several years STARCON has become a leader in providing cost-effective maintenance services to the Petrochemical Industry. Our continuous contracts with Exxonmobil Oil, Corn Products, Marathon/Ashland and JLM Chemicals are an indication of our value in the Petrochemical Industry. These experiences have provided us with the knowledge and skills to help reduce your annual cost while enhancing the safety and quality at your plant. 

The foundation of STARCON is our people. The secret to our success is putting the right people on the right job. We will match the right skill set with the job to always provide the lowest total cost to our clients. Our multi-crafted people are trained to support our customers and complete the job in a safe, productive and timely manner. 

A STARCON project manager will work with the plant planners to meet the daily requirements of the facility. The correct amount of craftspeople will be allocated for scheduled maintenance work. Additionally, our routine maintenance group is versatile enough to meet any daily maintenance break in work requirements.

Services Provided

  - Welded (Most Alloys) 
  - Screwed Systems 
  - Steam Tracing 
  - Valve Replacement 
  - Blinding (Including Fresh Air)

 • Boilermaker
  - Heat Exchanger Removal/Testing 
  - Tube Rolling 
  - Boiler Maintenance

Tank Maintenance



Equipment Operations
  - 25-Ton Crane 
  - Backhoe 
  - Forklift 
  - Bobcat 
  - Hydraulic Tube Bundle Extractor

  - Structural Steel 
  - Platforms/Ladders

  - Setting Equipment 
  - Lazier Alignment 
  - Conveyor
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