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Starcon's Craft Training Programs:

Starcon’s craft training is based on module curriculums developed and provided through the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) which is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor. The NCCER develops and publishes standardized curriculums for the Maintenance and Construction Industry. Starcon provides training in Welding, Pipe Fitting, Boiler Making, Mechanical Insulation, Scaffolding, Millwright, Crane and Rigging as well as Safety Programs. In order to fully utilize the resources provided by the NCCER, Starcon has obtained the status of an Accredited Training Sponsor with the NCCER. As an Accredited Trained Sponsor, Starcon can now deal directly with the NCCER regarding all craft testing for Team Members and the certification process required for NCCER Instructors and Proctors.   

All NCCER training classes are scheduled and conducted in a controlled environment by NCCER Certified Instructors/Proctors at each Maintenance Site and Starcon’s new training facility located at their Corporate Office in New Lenox, Illinois. Additional craft training requirements for all Starcon Team Members assigned to Maintenance/Project sites will be on personal protective equipment (PPE), System Breach Requirements, Lock-Out/Tag Out procedure, Fire Watch/Hole Watch procedure, Confined Space Entry, safe use of fall protection, proper completion/usage of Starcon’s (JSA) Job Safety Analysis and (SLA) Safe Lift Analysis Forms and any additional site specific training as required. All Team Members training documentation is recorded through the NCCER and kept on file at the Corporate Offices.  

Leadership Development Program (LDP)

Starcon’s Front Line leadership training is all about setting the expectations of the company’s front line leaders and supervisors regarding how to deal with day-to-day issues in a professional manner. The training is also designed to provide leadership tools for Starcon supervisors who undertake these demanding roles in the industry. Starcon requires that all front line leaders to attend this training. The program also assists supervisors in becoming more familiar with their team’s physical and mechanical abilities, as well as their personnel and mental state. This knowledge contributes to Starcon’s “No One Gets Hurt” campaign. Starcon’s safety managers and site project managers attend the Front Line Leadership classes as well, speaking to the front line supervisors in order to set personal expectations of a good supervisor while also discussing specific guidelines for each job site. Front Line Leadership has proven to be valuable training in creating a safe work culture, good leadership skills, positive morale and instilling confidence in the supervisors to make better decisions regarding proper interactions with team members. 

Project Management Development School

This program is designed for project managers and superintendents to provide the site’s senior leadership with essential information that is not site specific but general in nature. The courses help reinforce understanding of our policies and procedures that are essential for leading/managing a turnaround or project. It also introduces new supervisors to the policies and procedures they may not be familiar with. This involves two one-day classes conducted prior to the start of the turnaround or project.

Topics that are covered include:
Existing Training Topics

Project Cost Control
Work Place Violence
Safety Execution Plans
Safety Absolutes and Minimums
System Breach
Incident Investigation
Audit Process
RFI/FCO Process
Planning & Scheduling
Structure of the QC Organization
Location of Quality SOPs
QC Audit Process
Inspection Plans
Code Work
Job Package Management
Inspection Test Plans 
New Training Topics 

Startup Checklist / SUAT
Review HR hiring process changes (include single point of contact between HR and Ops)
Review of expanded site training requirements
- NtS
- Craft training
Expanded financial training
PM and Supt training on case management
Review new emphasis on JSAs
Review importance of completing strength charts on all TMs at the end of each project
Review Supervisor’s manual (Mid-year)
Review of the Crane and Rigging Manual  



Management Development Program

Starcon’s Management Development Program (MDP) is designed to expose participants to all facets of the company’s business. Individuals go through a rotation of assignments that allows trainees to learn about and interact with all departments of Starcon. This experience allows the MDP participant to better understand how each department contributes to the company’s success. The program is geared towards entry level team members in the industry, and is open to college summer interns, college graduates (typically with a construction management degree), former military personnel, and also to those recognized within the company as having the potential to be future leaders at Starcon. Once enrolled in the program, the trainee is paired with a Sponsor. The Sponsor follows the career of the participant as they progress through the program, which typically takes three to four years to complete. The time required to go through the program is dependent upon the opportunities available, as well as the individual’s willingness to travel.

By experiencing the workings of each department and how the departments interact with one another, the MDP participant gets a good foundation of knowledge, and at the same time, is afforded a better idea regarding the role that best suits them for a long term career.

A Steering Committee oversees the program and meets every other week to review current status of both the participants and the program itself. The committee consists of representatives from all regions of the company along with some of the support departments. They track the progress of each participant with a learning matrix that outlines the specific competencies/tasks that the trainee must accomplish while in the program.

Starcon’s Management Development Program is an example of the company’s commitment to one if its core values – team member growth and development.

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